The Brookline Group has confirmed that private and business loans are now available on its platform. The private lender says that it is offering great rates and people with a low credit score are welcomed to apply.

The Brookline Group, a leading private lender in California, has announced that it’s now offering both private and business loans through its website. The loans are targeting individuals who have been rejected by banks and those who are just tired of the mainstream lending market. The group also notes that it intends to offer great rates even for customers with low credit scores. Businesses will have the chance to negotiate terms with representatives from Brookline. The lender says that the aim at the moment is to deliver flexible and affordable hard money loans for people who have limited options.


Getting a loan in this market is not easy. After the financial crisis, a lot of banks started to tighten lending policies. Over the years, more and more people find themselves locked out of the credit industry. But alternative lending companies have emerged to serve these customers. The Brookline Group says that private lending is now one of the fastest sub-sectors in the financial industry. Private money lenders in Tarzana are filling a very important gap and in fact, a lot of people have actually been able to rebuild their credit working with The Brookline Group and other companies like it.

In addition to this, private lender Los Angeles firms have also been able to offer competitive rates. This has made loan offers very attractive in the long run. The Brookline Group notes that the new private and business loans on its platform will be open to any customer. No need to have many qualifications too. Although there are some risks involved when lending money to people who have been rejected by banks, The Brookline Group has found a way to deal with this.


The lender is also offering higher loan amounts, flexible repayment periods, and quick processing. It’s not the first time though that The Brookline Group is engaging customers with these types of loans. The company has been one of the leading direct hard money lenders for a number of years. So far, it has helped many small businesses acquire the needed financing to grow and fulfill their potential.

Private lending has always been the answer to cater to the financing needs of the unbanked. The industry has taken off and it seems The Brookline Group has played its part in all this.


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The Brookline Group is a private lending service that offers loans for personal and business use. The company targets customers who have been rejected by banks and other mainstream lenders. It strives to offer affordable, flexible, and competitive loans to a wide range of customers.


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