Confirms the Launch of New Website That Will Make It Easier for Fans to Share Their Own Mysterious Stories Online has announced the launch of a new website that the company says will make it easier for fans around the world to share great mysterious stories on its platform. The new website is also expected to support an increasing readership. has become a popular stop for unexplained and mysterious stories over the last few years. The platform has delivered expert accounts of various mysterious events as well as stories told from the perspective of ordinary people who lived through them.

From the idea of a hunted house, UFOs and aliens, to the myth of the Bigfoot, the platform has diversified its content to keep readers interested and excited. says that there’s so much we don’t know about this world. Although most people go on living their lives without paying too much attention to paranormal events out there, it doesn’t mean these things don’t exist.

Advertisement has made it clear that its platform is not by any stretch of the imagination a conspiracy website. All the stories shared there might be controversial,but they are often supported by credible facts that can be easily verified. The company added that the platform is designed for the curious reader, someone who is basically interested in understanding the mysterious phenomenon that happens in our lives every day.

The launch of the brand new site signals an important step in’s journey to expand its reach to many more people. The company has long maintained that it has a lot of ghost stories to share and its A-list team of contributors is standing by to deliver exciting pieces each day. Having the right technological expertise to enhance the visibility of these stories is therefore very important. The platform has said that it’s exploring other possible solutions to enhance the reader’s experience and more new features will be launched soon.


At the moment, there are hundreds of stories already published on the platform. notes that this would be the perfect time for people who are new to this to immerse themselves in the strange and sometimes terrifying world of anomalies told from the perspective of people who have witnessed these strange events first hand. The platform is promising more stories too in the future and it seems the brand new website will be an important part of this. In case you need to learn more, visit its website at today. is a leading online publishing platform that focuses on strange and mysterious events. The content published at the platform is not in any way designed to fuel conspiracy theories. Instead, it provides detailed accounts of strange and mysterious events in our planet all supported by credible facts or theories. The platform seeks to shed light on some of the unexplained event in our society while creating an exciting option for people who love a good story.


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